BONUS REVIEW Stormwatch Team Achilles: Book Three – Micah Ian Wright

This is the book that never was. It has cover art, an ISBN number and listings on various online retailers. Sadly it was never released so after purchasing the single issues here is my review of what the books would have contained.

This is a troubled work. There are lots of great ideas, a few laughs, some good art, plenty of imagination and a political sledgehammer to the nuts. It just isn’t put together very well. There are basic errors such names of places and things changing from one issue to the next. Colouring errors mean shoelaces or medals change between panels.

Character has been thrown out of the window for action and plot. The pacing is bogged down by huge swathes of dialogue. The political message isn’t subtle and thought provoking but like a rabid dog ripping out throats. The likeness of a serving politician of the time is uncanny and only subtle changes to the names of actual corporations, news networks and moguls have been made. I don’t know if I am supposed to but I found myself supporting the villain/ antagonist throughout most of the book and hoping his plan succeeded.

The art is equally hit and miss. Flint’s skin tone seems to fluctuate wildly and it seems the colourist didn’t realise she was black for a few issues. There isn’t the innovation in layout or technique we saw previously but there is a fight sequence in the rain that is expertly delivered.

This isn’t consistently bad and there are some very rewarding moments but someone behind the wheel was drinking and driving. All the characters you love are there but they aren’t people just handlers for guns. All attention has gone on the axe to grind which, whilst worthwhile, is hard to stomach.

Stopping after volume two and wondering how it would play out is probably the safest way to go.


BONUS BONUS REVIEW Stormwatch Team Achilles: Issues 20 – 23 – Micah Ian Wright

Stormwatch has always had a reputation for radical ideas but this one has to take the biscuit. Who is the latest target in Team Achilles sights? Jesus. The son of God.

You have heard the theory that Jesus was a spaceman so why not a superhero? Certainly a unique idea. Whilst the messiah doesn’t turn up in person his blood descendents do and are turning water into wine and raising the dead.

Straight out of a Dan Brown novel we have the whole Priory of Sion, Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, Medici and the Vatican Inquisition. This is definitely not your run of the mill superhero story. It genuinely pulls the rug out from under you and keeps you guessing.

The art is good although the artists and colourists seem to change every issue so it is certainly variable. After the raw state of the last volume this seems to be a lot more polished and coherent and a break from the bulldozer politics is a welcome change.


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