Welcome to the month four roundup.

Has it really been four months? Really? That means I am a third of the way through. This feels like both a long and a short time to have been doing this.

This month we also had no Thumbs Down titles thankfully. I wonder if I am going soft?

We had one No Thumbs title.

Even the mighty Warren Ellis has bad days.

Stormwatch Volume Five: Final Orbit – Warren Ellis

We had twenty-six Thumbs Up titles.

Everything has gone all middle-of-the-road it seems.

Crossed Volume 3: Psychopath – David Lapham

Chew Volume Two: International Flavour – John Layman

Chew Volume Three: Just Deserts – John Layman

Chew Volume Four: Flambé – John Layman

Chew Volume Five: Major League Chew – John Layman

The Interactives – Peter Rogers

American Vampire: Volume One – Scott Snyder & Stephen King

American Vampire: Volume Two – Scott Snyder

American Vampire: Volume Three – Scott Snyder   

Hero 9 to 5 – Ian Sharman

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Alice & Joel Schick

Malcolm X: The Angriest Man in America – Wayne Massop

Seven Miles a Second – David Wojnarowicz & James Romerger

Yuri’s Day – Andrew King

Video Clips – Gaetano Liberatore

Stormwatch Volume One: Force of Nature – Warren Ellis

Stormwatch Volume Two: Lightning Strikes – Warren Ellis

Stormwatch Volume Three: Change or Die – Warren Ellis

Stormwatch Volume Four: A Finer World – Warren Ellis

Stormwatch Team Achilles: Book Two – Micah Ian Wright

Stormwatch Post Human Division: Volume One – Christos Gage

Stormwatch Post Human Division: Volume Two – Christos Gage

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Martin Powell

Iraq: Operation Corporate Takeover – Sean Michael Wilson

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets – Herge

Tintin in the Congo – Herge

This month we had just three Double Thumbs Up titles, less than ever before.

Chew Volume One: Taster’s Choice – John Layman

Incognegro – Mat Johnson

Stormwatch Team Achilles: Book One – Micah Ian Wright

It has certainly been a varied month with three strong series, a lot of nonfiction works, some British smaller press titles, and some really bizarre reads.

My star was probably the Chew series.

See you next month (hopefully).


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