The Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars – Robert Kirkman

Sex. That is the name of today’s theme. Creed, colour, gender, age are all explored as everyone is at it like rabbits. It might seem a little gratuitous at first but in an end of the world situation it is quite understandable. It’s what people did before television and when you aren’t running for your life then you need something to take your mind off the impending oblivion.

In addition to sex the secondary theme is policing your own. What happens when your fellow survivors cross lines? Can you really afford to start shooting the living in the head when it’s all hands on deck? What sins can you forgive, and is the end of the world a clean slate for the mistakes of your youth.

Once again it’s all about the talking but there are a few good expressions that say more than words so the art isn’t always playing second fiddle. There was one outstanding use of speech bubbles so Kirkman is innovating in all directions. This is a very mature work with a lot to think about and a huge body count. There is a great cliff hanger too. Once again this continues to be a strong Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Walking Dead Volume 4: The Heart’s Desire – Robert Kirkman

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