The Walking Dead Volume 4: The Heart’s Desire – Robert Kirkman

This has to be the best volume yet. Kirkman is really coming into his own as he discovers the potential of his story without end. Because there are no cut-off pressures he can really slow things down and take his time in developing and growing his epic tale. There is an argument that goes on for twenty pages, a luxury you wouldn’t have in a traditional format.

The living are definitely the focus of this episode as we see the perils of leadership and the fragility of human relationships. After surviving the horrors of the living dead it seems mankind is hell bent on his destruction through all sorts of methods. Everything has a temporary feeling to it as you know the solutions the group come up with will come back and bite them later on.

The art has had a similar resurgence, barging its way to the fore. Without space constrains you can have more lingering shots, more full and double page spreads and even entirely black panels. There are some distinctive and effective silhouettes that help to convey the size and isolation of the surroundings. Nothing here but Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Walking Dead Volume 5: The Best Defence – Robert Kirkman

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