The Walking Dead Volume 7: The Calm Before – Robert Kirkman

Every good writer knows your reader needs time to breathe. An unrelenting tide of horror will jade your audience and desensitize them. We also want some good stuff to happen to the characters we have come to care deeply about. This is the payback. While there are still deaths and Kirkman’s new favourite technique, mutilations, we all get the chance to take a breather. While there is undoubtedly doom on the horizon it isn’t here yet. People get to enjoy a few home comforts and remember a little of what they have been missing.

This won’t put you to sleep however as this is a story that keeps bubbling and simmering and it contains the most dramatic page turn in the series history – the delivery. The art is still great and the cliff-hanger sets up what will be the most significant threat the group has ever faced with the return of someone unexpected. More than a single Thumbs Up can possibly convey!


Tomorrow: The Walking Dead Volume 8: Made to Suffer – Robert Kirkman

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