The Walking Dead Volume 9: Here We Remain – Robert Kirkman

You know that after the last volume things can never be the same. You might be tempted just to stop reading so as not to lose what has been an incredible experience. But you must trust the man who has brought you this far not to betray you. Like Rick you must have hope and strength to carry on. I was nervous as to the direction the story would take now that all the bridges had been burnt but I needn’t have been.

This feels like a reboot of sorts – a clean slate. The story has been pruned back to its roots – one man trying to protect his family. You also get to see a lot of Carl and how he deals with his new life. It is a great insight into an often overlooked character. Things don’t stay bleak for too long as new life and a new story starts to blossom. Things will never be the same but that is alright because you have a new path to take and an unexpected one at that. You are truly in safe hands so keep reading. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Walking Dead Volume 10: What We Become – Robert Kirkman

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