The Walking Dead Volume 12: Life Among Them – Robert Kirkman

What if? What if you could change things? Change things back to how they were – bring back the good times. This is the choice Rick and the others face. It’s not as easy as you might think. After all this time can Rick and the group really cope with normality? Baking cookies, walking the dog, playing football; are these things that you have been holding out for, or are they meaningless bullshit. Is that what being alive is really about?

Once you go to war – with the dead, with humanity, with yourself – can you ever be the same again? Do you need to live on the edge forever or is there a way back. In this volume we get to see the group from the outside. How good are our “good guys?” At the end of this episode one tiny event may have Rick crossing our line and losing our sympathy.

The art is great. New characters are introduced and they all have distinctive looks and feels so you don’t get confused. Thumbs Up to Kirkman for making safety and normality the most terrifying nightmare of them all!


Tomorrow: The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone – Robert Kirkman

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