The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone – Robert Kirkman

Can you escape your destiny? Can Rick? Is he destined to become a leader or is it that everyone else hates the job so much they run away screaming. Even when you are safe behind walls the influence of the dead and their new world is never far away. Your experiences change you, stay with you and mould you into someone new.

This is a quiet, thoughtful issue with the focus on domestic matters. The cracks aren’t in the outer walls but within the people inside them. You – like the characters – find yourself yearning for the simpler problems of survival as opposed to the messy business of human emotions. You do keep thinking of Dale’s words, “I can’t wait to see how Rick will screw things up and put us all in danger next.” Still a Thumbs Up verdict.


Tomorrow: The Walking Dead Volume 14: No Way Out – Robert Kirkman

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