The Walking Dead Volume 16: A Larger World – Robert Kirkman

A man named Jesus approaches a people who are afraid and persecuted by the world around them. He promises them a better way of life, of peace and love – freedom from their fears. If they follow him to the Promised Land they will be saved. Rick then punches him in the face and ties him up. This would have been a cleverer metaphor if Kirkman hadn’t actually named the visitor from another nearby community Jesus.

After the slow build of the past few volumes our rollercoaster is reaching the top of its climb. We learn of a new community with a much longer term vision in place; of a desperado as bad as the Governor; and a bold new future on the horizon. Things are going to be hotting up real soon.

It’s very interesting to see our heroes view the hand of friendship. After two years trust and optimism has run dangerously short along with the canned food. As a reader you too are suspicious of an offer too good to be true. This sense of paranoia Kirkman has effortlessly instilled in us is testament to his great writing.

The art great but there are more single and double page spreads than usual. Rather than these being dramatic story points it does feel padded, as is if there is time to kill before the next chapter is ready. Overall still a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Hedge Knight – George R. R. Martin

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