Morning Glories: Volume One – Nick Spencer

A group of teenagers are sent to an exclusive prep school but quickly learn it has a nefarious agenda.

This is a really fresh, exciting read. It is full of original ideas and doesn’t ape any previous titles or genres. It is engaging and gives you just enough information to keep you hooked but always stays half a step ahead of you. It does remind me of the films The Cube or The Exam in that you have people in a dangerous and unknown situation; perhaps with a little bit of Lost thrown in for the mystery.

The art is good solid fare that Image is known for. Less detail and more colour. There are some superb dialogue free action scenes that really capture you and don’t just feel like padding. The panels are straight edges and traditional grid but the size and layout varies according to the needs of the story and not for gratuity. There are no issue covers within the book so the whole thing seems like one seamless read from start to end which is a nice touch.

You can never quite work out what is going on but always feel like the answer is just out of reach. It is everything a great mystery should be. Despite all the lead characters being modern teenagers their annoying habits and grating personalities all feel appropriate to kids today and don’t alienate you from them. While they may start as stereotypes they do grow and you get to see the layers in their personality.

This is a great read and everything a Thumbs Up should be!


Tomorrow: Morning Glories: Volume Two – Nick Spencer

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