Morning Glories: Volume Three – Nick Spencer

Wow! Just wow! Even though the mysteries are getting deeper, the puzzles more cryptic and the answers few and far between you are completely hooked.

This volume continues to focus on just a few characters at a time so that it can tell a proper story and really engage you emotionally. Those you thought were mere stereotypes get a lot of time to shine and really surprise you.

The time travel/ alternate reality goes through the roof and you start to think taking notes might be a great idea. You have no idea who is who and behind what but everything is just so well-crafted and enthralling you don’t care. You hang on tight and place your trust in the writer that everything will be explained when the time is right.

There is some fantastic dialogue here with brilliantly natural conversations, but that doesn’t make the most of the format. Although the accompanying art is superb there are a lot of talking heads.

The art is superb with amazing colours and some brilliant lighting effects. All the jazzy stuff like digital blurring and silhouettes are used only when absolutely necessary. These are here to tell the story not to cover up how bad it is. The covers – most of which are mini works of art – are within the book, which given the episodic nature is fine.

I am totally lost and my head is spinning but I really, really, really need the next volume NOW! For that expert addiction I give it the Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: CSI: Intern at Your Own Risk – Sekou Hamilton

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