CSI: Intern at Your Own Risk – Sekou Hamilton

This is a Manga book based on the TV show CSI and featuring cameos from some of the characters. A group of high school kids win internships with the CSI team and stumble upon a case of their own.

This is my first manga and it is westernised enough to read like a regular graphic novel. It is bigger than digest size but smaller than traditional trade paperback.

The art is black and grey and does a reasonable job. There are some strong compositions giving a great sense of depth and some good angles lending it a very TV-like feel. All the CSI characters look Western but everyone else is typically Japanese and Manga looking (big eyes and floppy hair) which is very bizarre. There are some interesting flashbacks and medical parts but nothing ground-breaking.

Some of the text is a little clunky as if it has been translated into English. There a lot of random quotes from science and literature that normal people just don’t just spout for no reason. There is a lot of techno-jargon which isn’t really explained or helpful. The first thing these children get to do on their internship is to shoot guns on a firing range which is completely inexplicable. You will guess the ending way before it happens.

The whole thing is bonkers which leads me to think this wasn’t designed for a Western audience. No Thumbs today.


Tomorrow: Drafted – Mark Powers

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