Drafted – Mark Powers

An alien race arrives to mandatorily conscript all of humanity to fight a war for the survival of Earth.

This is a long book composed of 12 issues and so there is plenty of time to tell a decent tale. It isn’t bad either. People are picked seemingly at random from across the globe and pressed into units. World leaders and minimum-wagers are lumped together and must all get along. As well as the people who leave Earth we also see those left behind. As the planet is gradually de-populated those that remain face harder struggles as there is no one left to keep the lights on.

This work has a lot to say about humanity. As we are all finally united by a common cause we get to see how petty the differences are that keep us apart. We learn what makes people heroes and what people will fight for. Religion also comes under the spotlight, and where does God fit into an alien invasion.

The art is good but changes artist and style for the last two issues making an uncomfortable transition. There are some nice low light scenes and lighting effects. The aliens are also suitably alien and their first appearance is a strikingly good rendition.

There is a bit of a twist at the end that does feel a little uncomfortable and clearly another part was intended as the story stops dead but sadly there was none. For a good effort this gets a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Hellgate London – Ian Edginton

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