Hellgate London – Ian Edginton

Oh no it’s a graphic novel based on a computer game. We can all predict how this will turn out. But prepare to be surprised… I was. Demons have invaded through a portal in London and all but taken over the world. Three groups of resistance fighters, the Templars, the Cabbalists and the Demon Hunters, must put aside their differences before it’s too late.

This is a story set in near future London and what a refreshing difference it makes having a British writer at the helm. The places, the dialogue, the history are all authentic. It is jammed with hundreds of subtle references to modern life in the UK. The geography is all correct and the historical facts – from the ravens at the Tower of London to the names of its lost rivers – are too. There is witty dialogue, good structure and pacing, relevant action scenes, rounded characters and some nice twists and turns.

The art is good stuff even if the demon fighting armour for ladies is very skimpy. There is a beautiful underground scene lit with blue light that really stands out. The panels are fluid and dynamic but easy to follow. The lettering is compact but highly legible. Plus London after the end of the world looks great. St Pauls, Centre Point, the Thames, the Underground are all here faithfully rendered and destroyed.

A nice surprise and a welcome Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Midnight Nation – J. Michael Straczynski

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