Usagi Yojimbo: Volume 7 – Gen’s Story – Stan Sakai

This is a thick volume with many stories. Some are standalone tales of samurai lore, both good and bad, but the star is the titular Gen’s tale. We get to see how the loveable rogue became a bounty hunter and see his childhood. It is an emotional tale that brings greater depth and understanding to one of the most popular characters. We also have the ominously titled “The Last Ino Story” which is certainly dramatic reading.

The art is to a high standard with some dramatic panels but lacks the cinematic majesty of previous volumes. There is a tale within a tale as a villager relates a story to Usagi and this flashback account has a subtly different art style that adds to the storytelling. This is not quite a Double but certainly a mighty Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Usagi Yojimbo: Volume 8 – Shades of Death – Stan Sakai

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