Space Usagi – Stan Sakai

The comics world is rife with team-ups, crossovers and alternate universe stories. They rarely add to the glory of the originals and come across as a cheap cash in. This volume sees a descendent of the original Miyamoto Usagi in a science fiction setting.

There are three long and two short stories making this the longest volume in the Usagi series. Despite the limitless potential of science fiction the whole thing starts off as a Star Wars copy. The character archetypes, the setting, the plot, even lines of dialogue. You aren’t sure if this is homage, parody or lazy writing. This is quite a shock as Stan Sakai stories have always been highly original and unpredictable. The third story does manage to break away from this poor start and the two short stories have the trademark bittersweet ending of Eastern storytelling.

Despite an incredible injection of emotion and characterisation in the third story it is not the exceptional fiction of the previous volumes. It is interesting to see how your favourite characters translate to a future setting however. In terms of laughs and curiosity value though this is not a volume to be missed. It is like going to a fancy dress party with all your mates. The people are same but dressed differently and you will probably have a good time.

It’s not Usagi but it still manages a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Blacksad: Somewhere within the Shadows – Juan Diaz Canales

4 thoughts on “Space Usagi – Stan Sakai

  1. Strangely enough, after years of not reading Usagi I finally gave it a try with this TP. I didn´t really know the characters, didn´t know that Gen is supposed to be Usagi´s buddy and without his horn in later appearances. Not necessarily the best introduction to the Usagi cosmos but still a fairly entertaining read.
    Now that you read 27 TPs, do you plan on reading Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai? The original graphic novel for Usagi´s 25th birthday in full color, fully painted by Stan Sakai?
    Ah, I love Usagi Yojimbo. Stan Sakai is a master of his craft.

  2. Just finished this one. Much as I love seeing characters out of their usual context, I’d agree that this one missed the mark somewhat.

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