Ultra: Seven Days – The Luna Brothers

The Luna Brothers gave us “Girls,” an inspired look at womankind. This is another wonderful glimpse into the female psyche told with tenderness and absorbing insight.

This eight issue tale takes its time spinning an enthralling web of love and heartache for its central character. With three female leads and barely a man in sight you get to see a unique story unfold. This isn’t a patronising chick-flick but a clever, funny, emotional rollercoaster that really stands out in the machismo filled world of comics.

The dialogue is superb and you could easily strip out the hero aspect and just have it as three everyday women living their lives. The first issue mentions nothing about heroes and allows us to get to know our heroines as people. The spandex edge does add an extra layer of depth however and brings added spice to this very human tale.

The art is superb, wonderfully capturing the thoughts and feelings of these women. The digital trickery is used sparingly, mostly for motion blur and artificial focus, but there is one genius reflection example fairly early on. There are almost no pure primary hues anywhere in this book. All the colours used are complex blends creating tones that echo the emotional feeling of the scene they illustrate.

Each issue cover is done in the style of a genuine magazine as is the inside cover contents/ credits page. There are also text articles and fake adverts reminding me of the Powers series by Brian Bendis. This book has a lot to say about the media and celebrity and trumpets its message visually and ideologically in a very mature and sophisticated way. Some of the text can get a little small and the prose insertions do slow things down but nothing can spoil this elegant tale.

Boy is this ever a Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Air: Letters from Lost Countries – G. Willow Wilson

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