Air: Flying Machine – G. Willow Wilson

What started out weird and got weirder last volume goes nuts here. Most notably is the forward written by the author as herself regaling us with a conversation she had with one of her fictional characters who tells her what happened in the last book. Huh!?!

As us readers are finally getting a hang on what the plot is we need to be sent spinning when people start err… changing. This is certainly a read that keeps you on your toes. But not one that forces you to take notes, keep flicking backwards or consult appendices. This is mind spaghetti cooked with a graceful touch.

We find out more details of supporting characters, indulge in some procrastination at the airport and then take an ancient history lesson. This does slow the book down but there are enough riddles and surprises to keep you interested.

The art maintains the same high standard and there are some really sumptuous colours. Although less visual tricks than previously they are all used intelligently at key moments. A Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Air: Pureland – G. Willow Wilson

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