The Plain Janes – Cecil Castellucci

You have seen this story before. A girl moves to a new town, starts a new school, makes new friends and has an adventure. It’s a sweet tale that reminds you that the beauty of life is in simple things and being yourself is the key to happiness.

But this take is full of neat little ideas like pen pal in a coma, guerrilla artwork, and a school named after an astronaut. It proves you don’t need explosions, although there is an explosion, or people getting arrested, although someone does get arrested, to add drama. You can do it in a subtle way.

The art is solid black and grey without any shading or graduation. This works perfectly and handles day and night scenes equally well. Some nice angles help draw you in and add depth to the 2D illustration.

Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Wonder Woman: Blood – Brian Azzarello

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