Where’s it at Sugar Kat? – The Thin of the Land – Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix

This is a humorous and nonsensical work in the same vein as the Tozzer series. Two sisters, one pretty and dumb the other smart and awkward, solve mysteries Scooby Doo style.

There might be a bit of subtext and social commentary concerning obesity and media expectations but it is overshadowed by inanity. It’s a fun book; something for a car journey or a long bowel movement.

The art is black and grey webcomic style and perfect for this piece. It has a playful and anarchic style with disembodied heads delivering what would be off camera speech and hands extending from narration bubbles to point things out.

There is a plot and to be fair you probably won’t guess where it ends up which is quite entertaining. I have never seen a character burst into song in a comic either. Nor would I expect lines such as “pointy sticks are the new black.”

There are some character doodles, a bonus story and a lengthy light-hearted interview with the creators.

For individuality and entertainment value this gets a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Vamps – Elaine Lee

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