Tomb Raider: Pieces of Zero – Dan Jurgens

The Tomb Raider franchise has pushed the boundaries of the fantastic with myths and legends from around the world. But it always felt tangible with a Conan Doyle’s Lost World feel to things. Just like the fourth Indiana Jones film this book pushes things a little too far.

This is a shame as it is actually a nicely put together tale. The pace is frenetic without becoming ludicrous, there are genuine moments of tension, characters from previous stories appear and there is an intriguing mystery. It’s just not Lara.

The art is a little odd with some quite detailed backgrounds but with minimal detail on the characters. There is a lot of effort on the colourist’s part adding much of the depth and realism of the piece.

If this was an unknown female heroine this would be a passable tale and might scrape a thumbs up. Because it has an iconic pedigree to live up to it falls short. No Thumbs today!


Tomorrow: Empowered: Volume 1 – Adam Warren

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