Empowered Volume 3 – Adam Warren

This is more of the same dichotomy. Soft-core cheesecake of mangaesque superheroines in bondage alternated with sickly cute heart-warming relationship tales. There is a lot more fetish for your buck in this one and the sexy librarian makes a gratuitous return. Also another regular glimpse into Thugboy’s dark past.

Warren seems to be stretching himself in all areas. There an ultraviolent fight scene which is a new direction. There is a tale with quite a sophisticated timeline and another which cuts away to a visual metaphor. We also see two tales which feature marker pen for the art. Whilst appropriate for the theme it contrasts just how sophisticated his pencil work is.

You do get to learn ‘Jette and Emp’s real names and the super suit does something new. You also get to learn some more obscure manga terms if you aren’t familiar with the medium. It is getting harder to justify the Thumbs Up but as the cute story was exceptionally cute and the fight scene had very strong art it gets one.


Tomorrow: Empowered Volume 4 – Adam Warren

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