Wet Moon – book 1: Feeble Wanderings – Ross Campbell

Nothing happens in this book. No explosions, car chases, monsters, or anything like that. But it’s wonderful.

You simply peek into the life of Cleo Lovedrop a teenage Emo/Punk/Goth girl at college. There is no handy narration, internal monologue or explanation. You have to pick up what information you can by watching her actions and eavesdropping on her conversations. It is compulsively riveting as you desperately piece together the clues to uncover this troubled girl’s secrets. Not since the first Big Brother has real life been so enthralling.

The art is black and grey but used to spectacular effect. Through expert shading some incredible lighting effects are achieved. Campbell has an incredible gift for faces and with just a few lines can render really striking and expressive characters. The lettering is hand scrawled without the aid of a ruler and whilst atmospheric it sometimes requires squinting to read.

Equal balance is given to art and words. Pages will pass free from dialogue as you watch the characters, learning about them through their actions. This makes full use of the graphic medium to tell a story.

Some secrets and mysteries are casually dropped in and you really get the feeling Cleo is in trouble but can’t yet definitively say why.

For making me order the next five volumes this must receive a Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Wet Moon – book 2: Unseen Feet – Ross Campbell

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