Wet Moon – book 2: Unseen Feet – Ross Campbell

This amazing series continues the high standards that it launched with. The dialogue is superb, naturalistic and contemporary. The characters are delightfully flawed, grounded and highly relatable. The story is touching, compelling and full of mystery.

The art is gorgeous and relevant. The characters are remarkable in an alternative way and represent a wonderful diversity of beauty. There doesn’t seem to be as much detail in the backgrounds or elaborate shading as the previous volume but the faces and clear expressions are wonderfully realised. There are still lots of pop culture references (many from the 80‘s) hidden away in the background and also a comic within a comic. There is some more nudity and a wonderfully intimate scene which you almost feel embarrassed for intruding upon.

You have a lot of clues now as to Cleo’s secret but aren’t explicitly told. Everyone has changed hairstyle which might initially confuse you but cleverly differentiates flashbacks to recent events. Fern is somewhat of an outlandish mystery; but for the most part this volume is still young people talking shit as young people have done since the dawn of language, or shit.

There are the handy cast portraits in the back of the book to stop you getting confused (complete with new hairstyles). Plus a neat little map of the town of Wet Moon in the front that you will look at once and promptly forget about.

Because the art lacks the high polish of the first book and now plays second fiddle to the dialogue this wonderful work slips from the Double to a very high Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Wet Moon – book 3: Further Realms of Fright – Ross Campbell

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