Wet Moon – book 4: Further Realms of Fright – Ross Campbell

This series began as an unpretentious slice of life. A beautiful glimpse into the lives of people who don’t get screen time in mainstream comics. This foundation is still there but obscured by sensationalist gimmicks and outlandish subject matter. Good characters with relatable motivation don’t need costumed vigilantes, FBI agents with monkeys, alien ghosts and so on.

The art is strong – with the exception of Cleo’s bug-eyes – and seems to be getting the polish it did previously, but is rarely allowed to appear without dialogue. Not only have Cleo’s all prose diary entries got longer but Mara’s journal appears more frequently and Audrey has a web page too. Maybe this would be better as a novel? There are some strong nocturnal scenes entering Campbell’s repertoire and an interesting flashback entirely in sketch form.

This is a troubled work as the author experiments with his ideas as an artist and a writer. There is a powerful story that has just received two inspired twists but it is buried under a turbulent mishmash of creativity.

Because I want to read what happens next it gets a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Wet Moon – book 5: Where All Stars Fail to Burn – Ross Campbell

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