Welcome to the month seven roundup.

As you may have guessed this was Ladies Month focussing on Female Characters and sometimes Female Creators.

This month there were no Thumbs Down titles but some came close!

We had three No Thumbs titles.

Tomb Raider: Saga of the Medusa Mask – Dan Jurgens

Tomb Raider: Pieces of Zero – Dan Jurgens

Wet Moon – book 3: Further Realms of Fright – Ross Campbell


We had twenty Thumbs Up titles.

Tomb Raider: The Merlin Stone – Dan Jurgens

Air: Flying Machine – G. Willow Wilson

Air: Pureland – G. Willow Wilson

Air: A History of the Future – G. Willow Wilson

The Plain Janes – Cecil Castellucci

Shekhar Kapur’s Snake Woman: Volume One – Zeb Wells

Shekhar Kapur’s Snake Woman: Volume Two – Zeb Wells

Shekhar Kapur’s Snake Woman: Volume Three – Zeb Wells

Valentine: Fully Loaded – Daniel Cooney

Where’s it at Sugar Kat? – The Thin of the Land – Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix

Empowered Volume 1 – Adam Warren

Empowered Volume 2 – Adam Warren

Empowered Volume 3 – Adam Warren

Empowered Volume 4 – Adam Warren

Empowered Volume 5 – Adam Warren

Empowered Volume 6 – Adam Warren

Empowered Volume 7 – Adam Warren

Wet Moon – book 2: Unseen Feet – Ross Campbell

Wet Moon – book 4: Further Realms of Fright – Ross Campbell

Wet Moon – book 5: Where All Stars Fail to Burn – Ross Campbell


This month we had seven Double Thumbs Up titles.

Ultra: Seven Days – The Luna Brothers

Air: Letters from Lost Countries – G. Willow Wilson

Wonder Woman: Blood – Brian Azzarello

Catwoman: The Game – Judd Winick

Shi: The Way of the Warrior – William Tucci

Vamps – Elaine Lee

Wet Moon – book 1: Feeble Wanderings – Ross Campbell


It has certainly been an entertaining month with the whole spectrum present  from big name properties to self publishing. Interesting to see long established characters like Wonder Woman and Catwoman still delivering top-notch drama. But celebrity is no guarantee of success as some dire Tomb Raider offerings proved.

My star was Catwoman for showing how female characters can be strong, sexy, smart and vulnerable at the same time and to the Wet Moon series for making real life seem so riveting.

See you next month (assuming I have any sanity left).

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