Powers 5: Anarchy – Brian Michael Bendis

How do you follow the greatest storyline you ever wrote? By doing another great story of course. This has all the elements of the last volume, action, humanity and thought provoking themes but in a different balance. Once again Powers asks us a hard question about the concept of Superheroes; namely is their morality the same as ours? Is an unelected, unaccountable, unstoppable force the best thing to police our society? Where do the cops, the courts, the laws fit in with people that combine all those duties and dispense instant and often fatal punishments. Are they in fact the ultimate expression of natural justice, or something more sinister? And of course who watches the watchers?

Last volume we saw the departure of one of the main characters. Like the X-Files when Mulder left, things just aren’t the same. It is interesting to shake things up a bit and see how our familiar faces function with a hole in their midst and what it must be like to be the new face filling that hole. But we all hate change so we hurt that we aren’t whole which is testament to Bendis’ writing that we are so emotionally engaged with the cast.

Absolutely a Thumbs Up, maybe a bit more!


Tomorrow: Powers 6: The Sellouts – Brian Michael Bendis

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