Powers 8: Legends – Brian Michael Bendis

So where do you go after world shattering stories? What is next after an epic tale that spans the history of mankind? You go very small – an intimate and personal story. You go back to your roots – in this case Pilgrim and Walker – and make us remember why we care so much about them. Berserk Powers threatening to annihilate the world are all very well but they can’t compare to a single character you care about being placed in mortal danger.

This is a fantastic story which, like most of the previous ones, takes you on a journey with so many twists and clever turns you have no idea how you arrived at such an incredible conclusion. Characters you don’t think will die do and others come back from the dead. There are some shocking page turns and some truly palpable suspense. We have been through so much with our two heroes that they have become like family. Bendis wickedly exploits this attachment to put our emotions through the cheese grater and make us afraid to read on. This is literally true on one occasion as you just don’t want to see what his twisted mind has come up with. This is definitely a grim and gritty issue that pulls no punches.

The art is still superb. You can see a bit more use of CGI with blurred backgrounds coming into play. Everything is subtle and not gratuitous and most of the time you won’t see how hard the artist is slyly working his craft to compliment the emotional thrust of the writing. You can see Oeming has a broad range of influences from classical artists to pop culture and you know you (and Powers) are in safe hands. Thumbs are Up!


Tomorrow: Powers 9: Psychotic – Brian Michael Bendis

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