Powers 9: Psychotic – Brian Michael Bendis

The story continues with another great volume. This episode focuses on a Power empowered by an item of jewellery. What are the consequences when you can just sell your powers on, loan them out or put them away in a drawer? An interesting tale with the usual twists and turns of a Powers classic. Deena gets a chance to shine as we see her home life and also a flashback to her days in uniform. She has been in a fair amount of peril lately and it really shows how much we care about these characters. With a high body count you know that anyone could easily bite the dust and we have seen some great characters lost in tragic ways. I really miss Detective Kutter. There never was a more loveable asshole than him.

The art is still first class. The Deena flashbacks are done in a very theatrical black and white and work perfectly. There is the mother of all full page speech bubble extravaganzas that really stood out. I keep wondering how they manage to keep pulling out tricks I have never seen before. Have I led such a sheltered life or are Bendis and Oeming using some kind of witchcraft? Another solid Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Powers 10: Cosmic – Brian Michael Bendis

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