Powers 11: Secret Identity– Brian Michael Bendis

Colourful is the best way to describe this issue. Oeming it seems has got a new paintbox and has gone mad trying out new techniques and themes. It does feel a bit gratuitous in the beginning but I’m not an artist so who is to say I am right. It quickly settles down and there are some really nice shades and tones displayed throughout this work.

Christian and Deena have their own secrets now and Bendis does a very good job of separating them and making them feel alone. I wasn’t too keen on this volume’s monster-of-the-week and it felt like there was a bit of shoehorning to try and integrate it into the back-story. It was interesting to see powers from a different source and how they fit into a Powers world with drainers and cops and so on.

This wasn’t the heart stopping rollercoaster that some previous volumes have been but it was a necessary step in both the personal and overarching plot development. Still a consistent Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Powers 12: 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes of All Time – Brian Michael Bendis

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