Powers 12: 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes of All Time – Brian Michael Bendis

Can you keep a dream team going forever? Should you even try? There is a lot to be said for quitting while you are ahead. Today we see what things would be like if we one of our heroes had a new partner. What if we were taken back to the very beginning and had to form a new dynamic duo. Naturally we rebel as we are so used to our perfect pair. Will it be forever?

This volume gives a sense of closure. The on-going story is wrapped up, characters from the past return and people move on to pastures new. We also get an answer to a question that we have had for some time. But would it have been more dramatic if we didn’t know? To be honest this isn’t the best Powers volume. It is tidy and a little twee but not what Powers does best. Powers is all about pulling the rug out from under you, about plugging your brain into the mains and flicking the switch. There are a few strong surprises and it is by no means a flawed story – although the bad guys are so nondescript they might as well not be there.

Nothing leapt out at me about the art. It could be that I have now been spoilt by Oeming’s fantastic talent or that, like the story, it wasn’t the epic innovation that previous volumes have been. This would be a good point to stop Powers but not as good as stopping it after the previous volume and leaving us all wondering. It will be interesting to see what direction volume 13 takes and which characters are chosen to continue. It is a Thumbs Up but not as convincingly as some of the earlier volumes.


Tomorrow: Powers 13: Z – Brian Michael Bendis

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