Ex Machina: Tag – Brian K. Vaughan

This continues the same format begun in the first volume with the pre and post-election storylines alternating every few pages. You have clear headers so you don’t get confused but you have to try and keep them separate in your head. It is defiantly worth flicking back to the first volume to remind yourself who is who.

This contains a complete story with a resolution at the end and also some tantalising titbits of the bigger picture. Plus a huge dollop of politics, ethics and New York City history which you should really take the time to Google – but you probably won’t

The art is still great with a lot of effort put into differentiating the scenes through solid colour and lighting work. There are a couple of sketch pages at the back allowing you to see what a talent the artist has for pencil shading which goes unseen in the colour pages.

Another great nugget of originality to chew on. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction – Brian K. Vaughan

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