Ex Machina: Ex Cathedra – Brian K. Vaughan

If you thought last volume’s visitor from beyond was strange wait till you see who Mitchell goes to visit today. I guarantee you won’t believe it. But you have to trust Vaughan. This is a snappy little thriller but feels very much like a diversion from the political meat and drink that makes Ex Machina so great. There is some wonderful dialogue however and you really can’t predict what will happen next.

It would take a change of team to make this anything less than artistically brilliant. You can see everyone is at the top of their game, but they aren’t taking risks. They are clinging on to their winning formula.

There is a second story concerning Commissioner Angotti offering us a peek into her life as we have seen with Bradbury. On the whole this does feel a little disjointed and even padded as we constantly skip back to scenes that don’t seem to move things forward. For the ballsey guest cameo this leaves with a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Ex Machina: Dirty Tricks – Brian K. Vaughan

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