Ex Machina: Dirty Tricks – Brian K. Vaughan

They say you have to take the rough with the smooth and right now things are getting a bit bumpy. First we have a single issue story that isn’t really sure what it is saying but it seems Wylie has to have solo-time as every other character has done. We also finish with a single issue story that doesn’t do a bad job of filling in Mitchell’s blanks. The middle story is an odd one but rather human compared to the previous divine and alien themes we have explored of late. It dances about all over the place packing in a lot of mini-plots and ideas but leaves you feeling rushed.

This is the first volume where the art does something different. In the main story has its usual brilliant high standard with a particularly noteworthy dusty 9/11 scene. But the lettering changes font making it a distracting read. The first tale is all talking heads, cramming too much dialogue onto each page. The final part is drawn by a different artist. Whilst it reminds you how lucky you are to have been enjoying our usual talented team it shows you that the words and themes are what hold your interest in Vaughan’s work.

Despite some odd creative decisions the seeds for the finale are being sown and you know you won’t want to miss that. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Ex Machina: Ring Out the Old – Brian K. Vaughan

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