Proof: The Company of Men – Alexander Grecian

There are two stories in this volume. The main one is an exciting trip to Africa that contains the most skilled double-cross you will ever see and a real gloves-off thought-provoking ending. The second is a slow meander giving some gentle character development.

The art is just as good, and just as individual, as the last book. The first story is very dark with large blocks of murky colour. The second lightens up slightly and has a playful and avant-garde touch to it.

The stories are very well put together; there are a lot of the cryptoid facts and plenty of historical quotes too. There is a complete script from the last issue, a humorous cut out and keep section, and a mini-story that probably appeared somewhere else but gives a teaser of Proof’s background.

Most enjoyable reading and certainly a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Proof: Thunderbirds are Go! – Alexander Grecian

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