Proof: Thunderbirds are Go! – Alexander Grecian

This is turning into quite a sophisticated title. There is a simple premise and elegant storyline but it twists and turns so cleverly you don’t notice the masterfully subtle writing at work. It blends humour, action, suspense, emotion and character into the perfect heady cocktail. New mysteries are introduced so slyly you think they have been there all the time. There is no such thing as a loose end just the seeds of future surprises, none of which feel forced or gratuitous.

The art works just as hard to look slapdash and uncaring. Whilst it appears the panels have grown or been dropped randomly they are exactly where they need to be to make you feel what you are seeing. The artist eschews realism and occasionally lapses into psychedelics but it never feels unrealistic or unbelievable. There are some very nice angles and points of view in the framing too.

There is plenty to get your teeth into here and it deserves a high Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Proof: Julia – Alexander Grecian

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