Proof: Endangered – Alexander Grecian

This is the last volume in this wonderful series. It does end things quite definitively but not necessarily in a way you will like. There is plenty of action and drama and lots of the great shocks and twists you have come to expect. It is very “Hollywood Blockbuster” with plenty of rapid cutting back and forth and a huge fight at the end.

Some of your questions are answered but others aren’t and there seem to be a few poor plot decisions made. There is a huge point left unresolved; seemingly for a sequel that never came. You get the feeling this was cancelled in a hurry but they were good enough to leave an issue or two in which to wrap things up.

The art suffers noticeably too with plain white borders and straight edges for the whole book. Gone are the charm and chaos and independent spirit of the previous books. There are some nice double page spreads but the visual heart of the book has died. This feels more like a tentative first issue than an experienced conclusion. The quotes and facts are still there, albeit to a lesser degree, but now appear as plain text minus the handy little boxes.

An exciting disappointment. A real shame this series never continued. For the dramatic twists this grasps a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: American Jesus – Mark Millar

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