American Jesus – Mark Millar

The idea of Mark Millar doing a comic about Jesus might have every priest running for the hills but this really isn’t what you would expect. Here is a sincere and open look at the teachings of Christianity and how they relate to our world of today. It is also a quiet meditation on childhood and nostalgia that really rewards the indulgent reader.

The art is superb with a plain and simple charm perfect for its child protagonist. All the characters are distinct and there is real life in this deliberately two-dimensional style. The colouring is also wonderfully appropriate with a light and gentle touch.

There is an insightful interview with the author and artist, two ‘afterwords’ by members of the cloth and script and art pages with brief commentary. This is a superb read all the way through but the ending is just off the scale brilliant. A classic Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Tourist – Brian Wood

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