The Tourist – Brian Wood

A criminal gets a chance to see a better, different life for himself. Will he take it? This is a charming story, well told, that you can just see making a great film. It is a simple tale but opening with the ending spices things up and fills you full of questions.

The art is the most basic black pen with a bit of brush inking to fill in the backgrounds. There is a deceptive amount of detail in what you assume to be a very rapid technique. The faces are also full of character and rather quirky.

Here is a great example of what you can do with a strong idea and black and white sketches. It has a universal appeal and is brave enough not to give you an ending you might want or expect. It is all too brief sadly, but it is the length it needs to be and isn’t padded or bloated – a brave decision.

For its independent spirit this gets a Double Thumbs Up.


Tomorrow: American Vampire: volume 4 – Scott Snyder

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