American Vampire: volume 4 – Scott Snyder

This volume dovetails neatly and often very subtly into the American Vampire universe so make sure you re-read the previous books. There are three stories here, the first goes way back into Book and Skinner’s history and the other two move the story into the 1950’s.

Snyder is a master of storytelling, slowly planting seeds and drip feeding you clues until you work out what is going on in a satisfying epiphany. Rather than passively reading along you are encouraged to put together the pieces and work out the story for yourself.

Regular artist Albuquerque only draws one of the stories but the other artists are able to honour his style enough that you soon lose yourself in the world. All of them know better than to compete with the narrative and bide their time until a full page or double page spread gives them a chance to shine.

The world of American Vampire has grown beyond Skinner Sweet and most of the characters we have met previously have some impact on the story here. There are no gratuitous cameos or clumsy crossovers. Everything happens for a reason, and usually one you hadn’t suspected, but kick yourself for not seeing.

Brilliant storytelling deserving of a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Americus – MK Reed

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