Americus – MK Reed

There is trouble in small town America when religious do-gooders try and get a young boy’s favourite fantasy story banned from his local library.

This is a charming portrait of childhood and growing up. Friendship, high school, and self-discovery are all expertly portrayed and, regardless of your age, you can empathise with the young protagonist here. The book-banning theme and its culmination in a town meeting to decide their fate is an excellent driving force that keeps the meandering pace moving forward.

There are some more subtle themes such as censorship, religion, government, and others being explored below the surface if you want to look and some of the references are very clever indeed. The book also dips into the fantasy world in question with excerpts from this imaginary series. These are a bit hit and miss but do generate the occasional laugh.

The art is simple black pen which works very well. The hand lettering isn’t ideal but is certainly readable. The other world forays are shaded grey or black making an obvious and effective contrast.

This book wont rock your world and the pace can be a little winding but it is enjoyable none the less. Thumbs Up


Tomorrow: Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street – Warren Ellis

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