Transmetropolitan: The New Scum – Warren Ellis

This title is changing and growing. Like a rebellious teenager you might not like what it is becoming. It is becoming more mainstream. The narrative is clearer, easy to follow and loses its anarchic punch. Spider is – unfortunately – also becoming more relatable, and even in danger of being a nice guy. Being kind to small children seems a step too far. But it is still an enjoyable tale with Spider making some real enemies.

The art is great and there is a wonderful conversation with Spider and the president, reminiscent of the Frost/ Nixon conversation, which is wonderfully lit and superb to look at.

It is better than other writers can do but not as good as Ellis is capable of. No need to jump ship just yet though. It does promise to get even more interesting.

There are also two short Christmas stories. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Transmetropolitan: Lonely City – Warren Ellis

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