Transmetropolitan: Gouge Away – Warren Ellis

We are approaching Spider Jerusalem’s finest hour; and by extension Transmetropolitan’s too. This is a great story well told. It has thoughtful writing, powerful themes, strong references and some great dialogue. It strikes a great balance between intellectual and entertaining.

It begins with some great parodies as we see Spider become a victim of his own success and get turned into a cartoon, a biography and even a porno. Each of these mini-strips has a guest artist including familiar names such as Bryan Hitch and Frank Quietly. Then there is a spin-off issue with the filthy assistants before the main three-part story: a formula that seems to work very well.

The art is great and it is fantastic to see the guest artists showing different styles which perfectly complement the writing. There are wonderful angles and composition that looks effortless yet makes such a difference to what you are seeing. Part of the book dips into heavy narration and rather than cram it into the frame it appears in the thick borders between them in a perfect white on black epigraph.

This is a great read and to date its strongest Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Transmetropolitan: Spider’s Thrash – Warren Ellis

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