Transmetropolitan: Spider’s Thrash – Warren Ellis

It’s hard to describe this volume as it is so varied. There is the entertaining and increasingly dramatic storyline of Spider’s one man crusade against everything. And there are heartfelt treatise on child prostitution and the abandonment of the mentally ill. These are truths which our society so urgently needs to hear yet feel so out of place here.

Is it Spider’s struggle against a fictional government of Ellis’ rants about our own? A skilled writer would seamlessly blur them into one biting satire. But as readers maybe we aren’t clever enough to appreciate such things any longer. Just look at any film of Gulliver’s Travels.

This is the most poignant of the volumes so far and you are able to get a tiny glimpse of just why Spider is so driven to change the world around him. Before we turn the page and shovel food into our parasitic consumer faces of course.

The art is brilliant as always and seems to have a little bit more room to breathe. For a series with a lot of dialogue to cram in we have a lot of mute panels and even silent pages as the pictures get a chance to do the talking. Dynamic layouts, incredible lighting, detail packed backgrounds, vibrant colours and more all work superbly to bring this wretched future to life and make it relevant and believable.

The very highest Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Transmetropolitan: Dirge – Warren Ellis

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