Transmetropolitan: One More Time – Warren Ellis

This is the end of Warren Ellis’ political/ journalistic satire. Is it a worthy ending? It is. You won’t be disappointed. You aren’t assured of a “good guys always win” platitude here. There is real danger. Spider does have some surprises but they aren’t startling Deus ex Machina. All the pieces fit together nicely.

This is a solid volume that can give you some home truths about our own world if you care to look for them. Its politics is clear but not rammed down your throat. You get the feeling of Watchmen or V for Vendetta in that this is proper grown up reading. The whole thing also unfolds just like a news story and you can easily picture this happening sometime in our future.

The art is good but Robertson appears to have motion blur fever. During a car chase scene this digital trickery really detracts from how good an artist he is and breaks your immersion. Other than that it is solid work.

It’s a textbook brilliant piece of writing and a great ending that you can’t be certain of predicting. The perfect Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Transmetropolitan: Tales of Human Waste – Warren Ellis

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