Transmetropolitan: Tales of Human Waste – Warren Ellis

This is one of those odd books that is linked to a series but isn’t actually part of it. This book is labelled volume zero but should be read after reading the rest of the ten book Transmetropolitan series.

What you have here are a series of excerpts from Spider’s columns. All the things he was writing unseen during the series. Some of these tie in directly to the Transmet plot and others seem more like rants directly from the author. What makes this brilliant is each of these snippets has a full, or double, page of art to accompany it. And each is drawn by a different artist. Really big name artists too – dozens of them. It is fun playing guess who drew this or simply looking up your favourites and kicking yourself for not spotting their style. These are a cornucopia of funny, clever, beautiful, disturbing, detailed, images forming a really diverse selection.

This isn’t necessarily a must own but it certainly is a must see particularly for the budding artist or Transmet fan. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Powers 14: Gods – Brian Bendis

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