Axe Cop Volume One – Ethan & Malachai Nicolle

Comics. The clue is in the title. They should be funny right? Yet most of them are dramatic, powerful, moving, angsty stories. This book makes up for it. It is the funniest thing you will ever encounter. It is insanely funny – because it is insane.

This was written/ inspired by a five year old and illustrated by his professional artist older brother. As such it untroubled by grown up sensibilities of structure, narrative, logic and consistency. Morals, the laws of physics, reality itself all go out with the bathwater in this anything-goes romp. It is the adage “children say the funniest things” made print. And it is unlike anything you have ever seen. The surrealism and unpredictability is so refreshing and so genuinely funny.

It starts with little one page sketches, as kids have short attention spans, but grows to longer and longer stories. Readers have also been sending in questions to “Ask Axe Cop,” and we see a plethora of wacky zany answers from a single panel up to two pages.

There is also a commentary with notes on each of the strips and a biography of the Axe Cop phenomenon which started as an internet joke, went viral and now has all manner of products. The real life story of this accidental sensation is just as interesting as the entertainment. You can really see this grow and evolve into a more sophisticated work before your eyes.

The art is black and grey with the perfect balance of detail to give a childlike freedom but still be realistic and cohesive. No matter how wildly fantastic the action gets the art always manages to catch up and has a humorous charm all of its own.

For sheer uniqueness and unprecedented laughs-per-second I give this a lightning high-five; or a Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Axe Cop Volume Two – Ethan Nicolle & Malachai Nicolle

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