Axe Cop Volume Two – Ethan Nicolle & Malachai Nicolle

This is the perfect antidote to modern life. In our world of structure, rules, procedure and conformity this is what we are missing. It’s the pure unbridled joy of creativity without consequence. No adult could make this up. And even if they did no one would publish it. But because it comes from the mind of a six year old playing with his toys it gets special dispensation.

This is the longest Axe Cop adventure ever. At what would be three issues long this is a seemingly endless romp through absurdity. It also has the perfect Monty Python ending too. It can get a little fatiguing and you might get a slightly numb to the frenetic twisting and turning and complete lack of logic. But you will never find anything less predictable than this work. We are all so postmodern that it takes untainted childish anarchy to stop us guessing the plot.

As well as entertaining this glimpse into a child’s mind is fascinating. You can see his emerging grasp of families, friendship, life, death, religion, politics and all aspects of our complex adult world. It is a rare treat to see our lives from the outside.

This is also the first Axe Cop story to be in full colour. The bright cartoonish hues really do add an innocent exuberance to the whole piece. The art, the layouts and the whole presentation is very adult and sophisticated in nature. These are proper techniques used effectively and intelligently to deliver and sustain this tsunami of ideas. You need some structure to stop your brain shutting down from the sheer wackiness of it all.

There are extensive notes, sketches, photographs and commentary, documenting the creative process in full and giving you a great understanding of how much time goes into making Axe Cop.

Double Thumbs Up for such a massive undertaking.


Tomorrow: Axe Cop Volume Three – Ethan Nicolle & Malachai Nicolle

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