Axe Cop Volume Three – Ethan Nicolle & Malachai Nicolle

You know you are doing something right when you are on your third Trade Paperback, your art is appearing in the background of TV shows and Damon Lindelhof is writing your introductions. The simple idea at the heart of Axe Cop (that it is written by a six year old) shows no sign of becoming stale.

This is the longest of the three volumes and will certainly take a while to get through as it is jam packed with goodies. It starts with a medium length story then goes into almost 30 Ask Axe Cop skits. There are various holiday and seasonal specials, some non-Axe Cop stories, and a whole bunch of guest writers and artists. Crossovers like these are a tradition in the webcomic community and many of these are conjured up by the kids of other successful online creators. There is a full length official teamup with the hugely successful Dr. McNinja drawn by its artist. The two characters actually fit very well and seem to be cut from the same cloth.

We have left the technicolour spectacular behind and most of the art is in black and white. There are some special strips in colour and some black and white with a single colour highlight showing that the art is isn’t willing to stay still. The guest artists and guest pinup galleries give you a chance to see different styles at work. You also get to see Malachai drawing (before he gets bored) and Ethan writing.

The sheer quantity and diversity of material here won’t disappoint and this gets a solid Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Wet Moon – book 6: Yesterday’s Gone – Ross Campbell

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