Wet Moon – book 6: Yesterday’s Gone – Ross Campbell 

You are buying this book for one reason, and one reason only. To find out about Trilby. Campbell, in a genius application of suspense, makes you wait 46 long pages before revealing the truth. All the while the other characters are living their lives oblivious to the situation.

The art is really good with some very bold panel breaks and good use of black space. In fact whole black pages are inserted to really add gravitas to the scene changes. There are some nice establishing frames too that are very effective in tone. There are no prose pages to slow down the flow in this work either – a most inspired choice. The bug-eyes have settled down too and there is a nice line drawing dream sequence.

You think that nothing can compare to last volume’s cliff-hanger? Well there may be a surprise in store. This is a great return to form that just reaches the Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Crossed: Badlands – Garth Ennis & Jamie Delano

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